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PBL in Action

Significant Content: In our curriculum mapping process for PBL, I used a free tool called to organize my standards across the curriculum to bring more depth to our projects.

In Depth Inquiry: Making some of our Science and Social Studies standards relevant to our students can be a challenge, but creative questioning and using a student centered approach can lead you to some great inquiry.

Need to Know: In this project, we used a Comprehension Toolkit Lesson as a launching point for a study on perspective and cultures. These students had great Need to Know questions that were added as they continued their research.

Voice and Choice: From The Greedy Triangle, we launched into a writing project in which students were able to choose their story lines to complete and sequel for Marilyn Burns story. Here is another example.

Public Audience: In this project, we studied map tools, consumers and producers, and weather patterns around the world. These students first presented to their Elves, then to their parents after the revision process.

Reflection and Revision: After reading Mechanically Inclined by Jeff Andersen, we began to use feedback stems to improve our revision process.

Plant Uses

Click here, and read the section, Natural Resources. Take turns reading each paragraph with a partner. After each paragraph, discuss one use for plants that you learned about.

In the comments below, explain how plants are most useful. Do you think plants are most useful for cleaning the air, becoming our food, becoming our shelter, or being used to make medicine? Give at least to examples from the text to support your opinion.

Do you know how Aloe can be used as a medicine for you?

Do you know how Aloe can be used as a medicine for you?

The Great Flood of 2014

April 29, 2014, the Gulf Coast experienced flash floods. How did our community prepare for the upcoming storms? How did your family prepare? What property damage did you experience or witness? How did your family recover from the storm?

Aiden's yard and home was flooded!

Aiden’s yard and home was flooded!

We Miss You, Perryn!

After Math Mayhem

After Math Mayhem

Reading: Bees


Today, you will be exploring the importance of bees.

What do you think would happen if bees disappeared?

Watch: Bees in Danger

Discuss what you saw with your table partner. What questions do you have from the video?

Then read, A Supermarket Without Bees.

Discuss the article with your table partner. How do bees affect humans?

Last article! Read, Honey to Be: Choose Me!

Discuss how pollination works with your partner.

Finally, in the comments below, use text and video evidence to answer the following question.

What would happen if all bees disappeared?

Feedback Stems

I can give critical and positive feedback about plot, dialogue, alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, and dialogue to help improve my classmates’ writing.

Your story hooked my attention because…

Your transition help me understand when/where _______________ took place.

My favorite detail is___________ because…

Onomatopoeia: I like the way you said _____________ because it helps me hear__________.

Simile: I like your simile, “_____________” because…

Alliteration: After reading your story about ______________, I think a good title with alliteration would be ____________.

(1) Your dialogue between ___________ and _____________ helped me see ____________.

(2) Remember to look at rule number ____ because you need to ___________________.


This is a good place for (onomatopoeia, simile, or dialogue).

Fraction Fun by Ethan!


RAK Club

Click here for Padlet.

Thesaurus: Synonyms

1.) Read your table partner’s story.
2.) Find three words that you think can be improved by a synonym.
3.) Leave a comment with the dull word next to the page you found it on.
3.) Now, return to your own story and use this link, to replace the dull words with more vivid ones.
4.) When you are finished replacing them in your story, return to this post and leave a comment with the three dull words and the three vivid words you replaced them with.
5.) You get one point per word that you replace for a total of 3 points. You must post your words here after you change them in your story to get credit.

Valentine’s Week!

“You Blow Me Away”Click here to add your ideas about “Things That Come In Groups Of…”

Schooltube Instructions:
1.) Read through all instructions before proceeding.
2.) Visit to create your online video uploading account.
3.) In the top right corner, click “Sign-Up”.
4.) Fill out the required fields. See step 5 for u/n and p/w.
5.) Username is your first name and the number of your month and day. Your password should be your lunch number
For example: u/n= anthony0130 and p/w= 36530
6.) Press submit, and I will approve. Then, it will ask you to enter my email before you can upload your video: [email protected]